Action 1 – Project Management

The main objectives of this action are to provide financial and administrative management of the project, to ensure efficient and fluid coordination, to ensure the fulfillment of all the objectives and to stimulate and support communiction between the partners.

May 2017 – Tender

June 2017 – Award


Action 2 – Communication Activities

The main objectives of this action are to make the project known, raise awareness among and inform the local population of the actions, both common and individual, in each territory of partners and lastly, inform the main international players on the results obtained in the project.

March 2017

June 2017 – Bidding


Action 3 – Study of the Art

This action is aimed at generating information and knowledge on sustainable mobility in the field of touriss in the different territories. This knowledge will comprise the foundations upon which the development strategy will be conceptualised of a trans-border comprehensive model of tourism linked to sustainable mobility, as well as all the instruments to be implemented during the project.

April 2017 – Tender

May 2017 – Award

April 2018 – Deliverables carried out by DCB Turismo y Desarrollo Local


Action 4 – Planning

This action corresonds to the activities of design and joint conceptualisation of the strategy and of the instruments that will be used during the project.

Through this action the action plans of each territory will be designed for the implementation of a sustainable tourist mobility strategy and a plan for tourist product creation and promotion on international markets. Also, the format, structure and operating mechanisms will be agreed of the Club de Destinos de Montaña, a trans-border structure that will supervise the correct operation of the designed strategy.

July 2018 – Tender

April 2019 – Deliverables divided into 4 Stages

  • Stage 1 – Definition of adhesion criteria

o Definition of the adhesion criteria for the destinations

o Criteria of adhesion for the destinations

  • Stage 2 – Tourism product creation plan

o 2.1 Definition of the plan for the creation of tourism products and promotion in international markets

o 2.1 Criteria for ecomobility products

or 2.2 Guide for the creation of tourist products

or 2.2 Strategy for the creation and promotion of tourism products

  • Stage 3 – Action plans for each territory

o Plan of action for each territory, guiding the actions to be carried out primarily related to tourist mobility

o Annex

Action 5 –  Implementation

This action focuses on the implementation of the action plans defined for each territory and the startup of the trans-border structures designed jointly.

Action 5 – Implementation

Consell Comarcal del Pallars Jussà

  • Centre that is the catalyst of the sustainable tourist mobility offer (budget: €336,000.91)
  • Improvement of river connectivity at the Sossís Reservoir (budget: €245,000)


Consell Comarcal del Pallars Sobirà

  • Improvement of river connectivity at the Hostalet Reservoir (budget: €350,000)
  • Theming of the network of historical footpaths of the Romanesque era in the municipality of Guingueta d’Àneu (budget: €50,000).


Syndicat Mixte du Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Catalanes

Execution of a diagram of sustainable and tourist transfers from the Train Jaune stations (budget: €40,000).


Communauté de Communes Agly-Fenouillèdes 

  • Design of interpretation signage for the Château Saint-Pierre (budget: €24,270).
  • Creation, rehabilitation and promotion of the hiking trails (budget: €125,433).
  • . Organisation of events to promote sustainable activities in the middle of nature aimed at the general public and at professional from the local tourist field (budget: €30,260).


Syndicat Mixte du Train Touristique du Pays Cathare et du Fenouillèdes

  • Signage of access to Train Rouge stations (budget €20,000).
  • Startup of a Train Rouge communication strategy (budget €27,200).
  • Conditioning of the Train Rouge station platforms (budget: €30,000 – PDF*).
  • Conditioning of a mixed train vehicle for the transportation of passengers and bicyles (budget: €30,000).


Syndicat Agly-Verdouble

  • Development of a sustainable mobility network and conditioning of hiking paths (budget: €47,470).
  • Communication actions and startup for tourist train vineyard tours (budget: €35,719.53).


Communauté de Communes des Pyrénées Vallées des Gaves 

  • Adapted signage at the start and along the trail routes, and creation of adapted numeric tools (budget: €50,000).